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S8E05: How Corporate Chaplains Foster a Caring Culture

S8E05: How Corporate Chaplains Foster a Caring Culture

Is there a place in your organization to consider having a chaplain to help care for your employees? In this conversation, we discuss the concept, highlights, and benefits of having a chaplain in your organization. Listen to Larry Griffith, CEO of Corporate Chaplains of America, as he shares his insights.

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In this episode:

  • What do corporate chaplains do and what kind of help do they offer to employees? (01:43)
  • A chaplain cares for the hearts and minds of employees and their family members.(02:23)

  • The importance of a culture of caring in the workplace (02:52)
  • "They need a leader who cares. And when a leader cares for their people, then something magical happens: that team does things it could not do otherwise." (03:15)
  • Do corporate chaplains relieve managers and supervisors of the need to provide care support for a staff member? (08:47)
  • How chaplains come alongside people that don't have a faith basis (12:52)
  • A manufacturing plant in Michigan, where a large constituency of the employees is Muslim, and they love their corporate chaplain. (13:06)
  • Having caring conversations with an employee about work can give insights to leaders on how to make their workplace a flourishing workplace (19:40)
  • Parenting teenagers has become so much more difficult in the 21st century (20:48)
  • Dealing with aging parents has sky-rocketed as an area of concern of employees (21:12)
  • How does having a chaplain make a better customer experience or maybe even impact profitability? (23:09)
  • What are people struggling with? (28:54)
  • Anxiety, depression, suicide ideation (29:03)


  • "And I think as a leader or as an owner of a business or the leader of a church or nonprofit, we have an opportunity to really care for our people. And I think Corporate Chaplains provides a platform to care for your people in ways, quite honestly, that you can't and you're really not equipped to care for them." (36:25)


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