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S7E36: 5 Steps for Moving Through Major Life Transitions

The term liminal space means a threshold. It’s what you do when you’re in a season of transition, in a time of waiting and when you don’t know the future. We all face transitions in life, in our leadership, in our organizations, and even in our families. Jon DeWaal, founder of Liminal Space highlighted some ways to move through a transition season in a thoughtful, meaningful process.

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In this episode:

  • How transitions feel like uninvited guests. They don’t feel like guides initially but look like messiness and disruption (05:01)
  • I’m realizing that this is not being done to me, it’s being done for me (06:26)
  • Al felt diminished and needed help in the transition of leadership of BCWI to Jay Bransford (08:21)
  • In our culture, we’re not taught that life disruptions are normal (11:00)
  • Describing founderism—denying reality (15:32)
  • For leaders, it’s really hard to separate value from identity and it’s a sign of un-health (17:00)
  • Five Steps of Moving Through Major Life Transitions (19:05)
  • Step 1: Ending (20:14)
  • Truthfully name and engage the loss that’s occurring (20:22)
  • Step 2: Waiting (22:04)
  • What could this space be inviting further? (22:20)
  • Step 3: Rising (26:09)
  • Experiment with opportunities by engaging your God-given curiosity (26:11)
  • Step 4: Investing (27:36)
  • You have to commit to some choices (27:41)
  • Step 5: Reveling (28:31)
  • Hold a moment of celebration (28:44)
  • What’s the risk of maintaining the status quo? (32:17)
  • Leaders struggle to be vulnerable (44:57)
  • What’s in the process or has currently changed? What’s different now in your life, in your work, in your role, in the organization? (50:15)
  • What aches? What aches is really about desire (51:24)
  • Liminal Self Assessment (52:31)


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